Monday, January 26, 2009

This Bird Has Flown

The Orioles Bike Cage will empower and improve the community by sharing knowledge of bike repair, by providing access to bike repair tools, by encouraging reuse of materials and by providing an open space where money is not a barrier to bicycle ownership.
At least that's a draft description of the mission of this new community-owned bike repair/reuse/recycling station (modelled loosely on the Bike Dump, for those who might be familiar with that collective). The Bike Cage, at the Orioles site of Valour Community Club (444 St. Matthews @ Burnell) is slated to open this spring.

A look at the space (currently being used for storage) reveals why it is called a bike cage. Visit the Google group linked above for up-to-date information, including how you can get involved/learn skills/use tools.

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